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Also Grief Support for Loved Ones and Pets. Send a Warm Embrace Monthly to someone you love!

  • A Card Sent Monthly:

    In times of grief, a gentle touch, a kind word, or even a simple card can make a world of difference. Our monthly comfort card subscription, Sending Love is designed to offer just that – a monthly reminder of support, love, and understanding for someone navigating the tender journey of loss.

    A Year of Heartfelt Support: 

    When you sign up for this service, you're not just sending a card; you're sending a year-long embrace. Each month, for 12 months, a beautifully crafted card will arrive at the doorstep of your chosen recipient. These cards serve as gentle affirmations of love and remembrance, bringing a moment of peace and a smile amidst the challenging days.

  • A Journey of Healing: 

    Our cards are designed to evolve through the stages of grief, acknowledging the pain but also offering glimpses of hope and healing. From comforting words to uplifting quotes, each card is a small beacon of light in their journey of healing.

    How It Works:

    • One-Time Payment: A single, upfront payment initiates a year-long journey of monthly support.
    • Personalization: Provide recipient details and optional memorial name at checkout. 
    • Empathetic Delivery: Each card is sent out with a handwritten message and extra love, arriving as a monthly embrace.

    In this journey of loss, you might not always find the right words to say. Let our family and Sending Love be your heartfelt messenger, conveying your ongoing support, love, and presence in a way that words alone cannot express.

  • Personalized with Care: 

    We understand the uniqueness of each relationship and the personal nature of grief. Therefore, each card is thoughtfully personalized. Upon checkout, you have the option to provide the recipient's name, and if you choose, the name of the person or pet they're grieving. This personal touch turns each card into a meaningful keepsake, a tender nod to their loved one's memory. You also have the option to remain anonymous, if this box is not checked the cards will be signed in your name as the sender.  

    Respectful and Considerate: 

    We commence this service with the utmost respect for the grieving process. The first card includes a discreet and compassionate option to discontinue the service, ensuring that we align with the recipient's comfort and readiness.

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